HOTmilk pushes into mainstream lingerie market

Maternity lingerie brand HOTmilk is pushing into the mainstream market with its first line of non-maternity underwear.

The New Zealand brand is hoping to use the expertise it has gained in bras without underwire to appeal to a wider variety of female shopper.

To reflect its push into the mainstream lingerie market, the brand has called its first non-maternity collection Everywoman.

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HOTmilk director Lisa Ebbing said: HOTmilk Everywoman was created from all the fabulous feedback our retailers have shared with us over the past six years. We have listened and created this brand for you – wire-free intimates for every woman to fall in love with.”

Traditionally wire-free lingerie outside of the maternity market has been targeted at an older demographic but HOTmilk believes that there is a rising demand from younger consumers for wire-free bras. The brand has suggested that this target market has grown from younger women who have stopped breastfeeding but who have become used to the comfort of wireless bras and want to move on from maternity lingerie without compromising on comfort.

HOTmilk believes that other ideal key consumer demographics for its new ranges include women with fuller figures or heavy busts and women who have had mastectomies.

In new marketing material created to support the launch of Everywoman, the brand points consumers to health problems that it associates with underwired bras, listing breast pain, breast infection, allergic reactions, discomfort and even breast cancer, which it claims has been linked to underwired bras although adds that this claim is not currently supported by scientific research.

HOTmilk has reported strong growth over the past year and has launched men’s range Milkman and luxury maternity line Couture in the past 12 months. Last year the brand announced that its UK sales had jumped 30% in 2010 and the brand is now stocked in 900 stores around the world.



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