Hotmilk introduces mastectomy bra

Fashion forward lingerie company Hotmilk has released a mastectomy bra into the market.

The New Zealand-based brand, best-known for its maternity range, designed the bra after meeting with breast surgeon Dr Peter Chin to discuss the areas of high sensitivity and discomfort post surgery.

They also discussed prosthesis options, and the varying stages many women go through with each procedure.

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The bra, named Sophia, was tested on breast cancer survivors in the city of Tauranga over six months before the launch.

Local woman, Jackie, was delighted with being a fit model for the project. She said: “The Sophia bra is extremely comfortable to wear, it looks absolutely wonderful and I look and feel more feminine than I have since my mastectomy, now I feel the same as ‘normal’ women”.

Hotmilk directors Lisa Ebbing and Ange Sloan said in a statement: “Bringing the Sophia bra to the market was a privilege to help post surgery wearers, at a difficult time in their lives when they need it most.”

“It’s lovely for us to be able to provide the option of a beautiful bra for them to feel confident in themselves," they added.




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