HOTmilk appoints new brand managers

Nursing lingerie specialist HOTmilk has appointed two new brand managers to work across its core HOTmilk label and new men’s brand, MILKMAN.

The introduction of the company’s new men’s line, MILKMAN, has reportedly seen sales soar and opened up a number of new sales channels, specifically department stores and online.

The new MILKMAN brand manager will be Roly Ebbing, while Christine Clarkson – previously the Australasian Sales Manager – will head up HOTmilk.

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HOTmilk director Ange Crosbie said: “MILKMAN is an exciting new brand to develop, one that we are incredibly proud of, it’s very fun, very cheeky, but also very down to earth and manly.

“HOTmilk is going from strength to strength so we felt now was the right time to put brand managers in place to ensure each brand gets equal love’.

HOTmilk is one of the global leaders in nursing lingerie, supplying over 45 countries and 900 retailers around the world.




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