Hot Milk buffs up Milkman image for menswear promo

The first men’s underwear from maternity brand HOTmilk will hit the shops in August.

The Milkman brand, which was first introduced to the trade at Moda in February, will be launched with a marketing campaign that playfully recalls the halcyon days when reliable and dependable milkmen loyally supported households every day.

But the slightly fusty milkmen that most people might recall from their childhoods have been replaced with a chiselled male model designed to get housewives’ pulses racing.

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“Honest, hardworking and not bad with the ladies. Milkman is to men’s underwear what bones are to dogs. Essential. Not complicated. Not overstated. But strong and desirable,” the marketing message states.

A new web site – – has also been launched to support the Milkman brand.




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