Holloway Smith Noir to launch sex ed campaign

Holloway Smith Noir, a designer of bespoke bedroom accessories, will launch a social and sexual responsibility campaign on Sunday.

Through a series of workshops, the brand hopes to kick start a dialogue with young women about sex and to counteract what they feel are damaging messages about sex, through widespread access to hardcore pornography.

The Ladies Come First campaign will be based around four key principles: Territory (a guide to the female body and sexual anatomy), Pleasure (genital and extra genital), Boundaries and Communication.

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After gathering feedback through the workshops and online, Holloway Smith Noir plans to take its sex education to Universities in the form of a printed pocket guide to the female orgasm.

“From talking to our customers, over the years, we started to learn a lot about people’s sex lives. We found that there is a vast amount of information on this topic missing from women’s lives,” said founder Sophie Holloway.

“This campaign gives us the opportunity to get some basic principles laid down right at the beginning of young people’s sexual journeys. We don’t believe all porn is bad but it’s certainly not how you should be learning about sex.”



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