HanesBrands kicks off US court battle with AdoreMe over push-up bra patent

Push-up styles by AdoreMe.

HanesBrands has taken US lingerie brand AdoreMe to court over a patent for a push-up bra.

The group’s Maidenform unit has accused the company of infringing its patent for a bra designed to boost the wearer’s breasts by two cup sizes with a dual-layer design, reports Law360.

Maidenform has been in the business of making lingerie for 80 years, and in that time it developed a push-up method for which it now holds U.S. Patent No. 8,262,433, the company said in its suit.

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At a federal court in North Carolina, the company argued that AdoreMe copied its patented design and is profiting off its infringement.

“Maidenform has suffered monetary damages and other injuries as a result of AdoreMe’s past and continuing infringement of the ‘433 patent,” the company said in its suit.

“Maidenform is entitled to recover damages adequate to compensate Maidenform for AdoreMe’s infringing activities in an amount to be determined at trial but in no event less than a reasonable royalty.”

The ‘433 patent describes a system in which each side of a bra has two layers – an inner layer that matches the wearer’s cup size and pushes the breasts up and toward each other, and an outer layer that is two sizes larger than the inner cup size, according to the suit.



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