Hamilton and Hare, designer of men’s luxury leisurewear and underwear, has opened a new flagship store on Chiltern Street in London’s Marylebone.

The opening follows a period of increased sales on the brand’s e-commerce platform and the announcement by Verdict that the UK menswear market is forecast to grow by 25.7% in the next five years to 2019, outperforming all other clothing sectors.

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The store will also function as a showroom for the brand’s global wholesale operation.

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Brand owner Olivia Francis said: “We had looked at different retail spaces for a long time before I decided that we wanted to open our first store in Chiltern Street as I feel it is fast becoming a menswear destination.

“Having conducted a huge amount of research into our customer profile I feel confident that this is the right place for Hamilton and Hare.”

Other menswear shops on Chiltern Street include John Simons, Club Monaco, Pauline Burrows and Grey Flannel.