Half of retail applicants tell fibs on their applications, report finds

Almost half of all CVs being submitted for retail assistant positions feature misleading information, a new report has revealed.

A survey, conducted by Adzuna.co.uk, a search engine for job vacancies, of 3,587 participants either in, or looking for, employment, identified that 37% of candidates across all industries admitted to falsifying credentials.

Of those that had lied on their CV, 83% said they still got the job, with 43% stating that their lie directly contributed to them bagging the role.

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Of all the 23 sectors studied, it can be revealed that retail employees are the second most likely to have lied on their job applications, after marketing and advertising workers. The survey shows that of all those who admitted to telling a lie on their CV, 14% work in retail, while 17% work in marketing or advertising.
48% of retail applicants admitted to lying on their CVs at some point in their careers and a further 56% would be prepared to tell a “big lie” if it meant they could bag their dream job.

Out of the employees in retail who admit to telling a lie on their job applications, the most common fib was about educational background, with 67% admitting to stretching the truth about this.



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