H & M apologises for ‘tanorexic’ swimwear model

Swedish retailer H & M has issued an apology for using featuring heavily tanned, or ‘tanorexic,’ models in its swimwear shoots.

The high street has come after under fire from a series of critics, including the Swedish Cancer Society, who claim the adverts promote a ‘beauty ideal that is deadly.’

The critics argued that H & M’s latest campaign, featuring Isabeli Font, did not make it clear whether the Brazilian model’s deep brown tan was the result of sunbathing or fake tan products.

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In an e-mail sent to AP, H & M said: "We are sorry if we have upset anyone with our latest swimwear campaign. It was not our intention to show off a specific ideal or to encourage dangerous behaviour, but was instead to show off our latest summer collection…

"We have taken note of the views and will continue to discuss this internally ahead of future campaigns."

Despite the company’s appearance of contrition, an image of the heavily tanned and swimwear clad Isabeli Font continues to dominate H & M’s homepage.

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