Green tech by Lycra to slash manufacturing costs

INVISTA, owner of the Lycra fibre brand, has stepped up its sustainability programme with the launch of a water-saving, cost-saving technology for garment manufacturers.

The new technology, named Lycra AquaNRG, is designed to save up to 30% of water used during the dyeing process and reduce the overall time it takes to dye materials by up to two hours.

According to Robert Dewhurst, a senior technical and market development scientist at INVISTA, the new technology also reduces the number of chemicals needed to dye materials and lowers the energy used to run machines and heat up water, thus reducing the overall cost of manufacturing.

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The news comes as INVISTA progresses towards lowering its energy intensity by 20% by 2020.

Speaking at the Lycra Moves You conference in Como, Italy on Friday, Dewhurst said that around 100 to 150 litres of water is currently used to process 1kg of hosiery and up to 30% of that water is used to clean 1kg of hosiery before dyeing.

“That’s one bottle of water for every nine pairs of tights that you dye,” he added.

Lycra AquaNRG works by eliminating the need to scouring and rinsing before dyeing fabric.

Scouring removes the dust, dirt and grime that fabrics encounter during the manufacturing process and transit.

INVISTA developed the technology after finding that 70% of its customers scour fabrics before dyeing them and 85% of these customers would value a technology that significantly reduces or eliminates the need to scour with confidence.



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