Greek goddess inspires Marlies Dekkers AW16 range

Marlies Dekkers has named Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and courage, as the inspiration for her AW16 lingerie collection.

The self-acclaimed feminist designer, whose work is often influenced by female icons from past and present, has released a series of powerful campaign images featuring lingerie with strong lines, gold hardware and leather details, contrasted with feminine lace and ruffles.

Commenting on the collection, Dekkers said: “Pallas Athena is the goddess of heroes and heroines. This woman never loses. Nor does she ever fight without a cause. She is tough, clever and glorious. Her wisdom guides heroes in conflict. Like when she presented Perseus with a very smart gift: her own mirror-like shield of bronze. To guarantee his victory against Medusa, the shield blocked the force of Medusa’s eyes from turning him to stone and enabled his ultimate victory.

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“Today, I want this smart and sensual goddess to inspire us, modern women, to move forward. To whisper wisdom in our ears and to lead us to victory, looking gorgeous in the process.”



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