Government launches probe into Lolita products

The government has launched an inquiry today to question whether marketing should be banned for a series of ‘Lolita’ products, including padded bras for children and ‘Porn Star’ t-shirts.

Measures being considered involve a code of conduct on ‘age appropriate’ marketing and the set up of a watch dog.

The inquiry is being headed by Reg Bailey, from Christian charity the Mothers’ Union, who has requested that parents send him examples of the products they are concerned about.

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Several items to recently receive criticism from parents include lap-dancing kits and Playboy-branded pencil cases.

Children’s minister Sarah Teather told the Sunday Times:"There are huge pressures on children to grow up too quickly and to buy stuff, some of which is completely unsuitable.

"I know when I walk down the high street there is one shop after another marketing highly sexualised clothes to young children: short, tight dresses; T-shirts with unsuitable slogans."

In May, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that he intended to take action to protect children from ‘excessive commercialisation and premature sexualisation’.

The Family and Parenting Institute also welcomed the inquiry, saying that parents were concerned that young children were experiencing ‘too much too young’.



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