Gossard racing balloon burns trail across Europe

Gossard’s sponsored hot air balloon team are burning up the ballooning equivalent of a Formula 1 season, with four consecutive podium finishes in Europe.

The British lingerie company is promoting its brand to customers and retailers using the racing balloon as a floating billboard.

It currently features a 40-foot high image of Elle Liberachi modelling Gossard’s best-selling Egoboost bra.

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“When we first conceived the idea of a Gossard hot air balloon we had no idea it was going to lead to such international success and recognition. We are delighted with Andrew and the team’s performances to date. We worked hard to create a balloon which would have an impact, both competitively and visually, and with every medal won we continue to achieve that vision,” said Tony Jarvis, managing director of Gossard.

The Gossard balloon is being welcomed by liberated women in Europe, but it has proved to be too racy for buttoned-down Americans.

It was banned from entering a recent FAI World Balloon in the US because it was deemed to be too risqué for American sensibilities.




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