Gossard partners with US distributor

Gossard has teamed up with cross-channel sales agency Easton International to grow the brand throughout North America.

The news follows a launch event held in New York over the summer to introduce Gossard to buyers, distributors and press across the pond.

Elise Recour, general manager of Gossard said the move was the next natural step for the brand after receiving positive feedback since the launch.

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“We’re excited about working with Easton and the creative ideas they have to promote the Gossard brand across America,” she added.

“We will be particularly focused on our best-selling Glossies, Gypsy and Superboost Lace ranges to begin with as they are a core offer and represent a new and unique product point within the US market.”

Russ Klein, president of Easton International, said: “We’re delighted to sign with Gossard and it’s an honor to work with this iconic British brand. The product range fits with our company’s strategy which is to represent strong, luxury intimate brands appealing to specialty stores, boutiques, ready-to-wear, department stores, and ecommerce sites.”



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