Google launches fashion Boutiques

Google is set to move into fashion this week with the launch of a website that will enable the public to purchase the look of celebrities through a series of virtual boutiques

User will be able to for create personalised online stores on, in order to both exhibit their personal style and help others track down the latest items adorning celebs.

By clicking on a link, members of the public will be directed to a retailer from whom they can buy the product.

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Big name designers including Oscar de la Renta, Tony Burch and Marches have reportedly already signed up to the venture and Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker has been recruited to create her own online shop.

A number of influential fashion bloggers are also reported to have been paid by Google to set up their own boutiques.

The new website is predicted to launch at a Tech Fuses with High Fashion event, which Google will be holding this Wednesday in New York.




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