Gok Wan wears women’s underwear

Celebrity stylist and lingerie designer Gok Wan has admitted to wearing his own products.

Gok Wan claimed in an interview with Recognise magazine that he dons the panties in the interest of researching his personal lingerie line.

He said: “Sometimes I wear women’s underwear just to get a feel for the product, I have to test them for myself.’

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The ‘Fashion Fix’ presenter recently designed a new range of shapewear for Simpy Yours, which launched in the US for the first time last month.

The designer claimed that his TV shows, such as ‘How to Look Good Naked,’ helped in the creation of the collection, as his work put him in contact with women of a range of shapes and sizes.

Gok Wan said: "Some designers might be able to work with a couple of women whereas I get to work with thousands of women on a daily basis. I can ask them about their underwear, how it feels, how they wear it."

He added: “[The range] is for daytime or evening wear, the only time you can’t really wear it is when you’re having sex because it wouldn’t be very practical.”



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