Global survey shows extreme attitudes to lingerie

An international survey of 18-30s conducted by the Bjorn Borg brand has unearthed extreme attitudes and opinions regarding lingerie.

Men and women are poles apart on what constitutes sexy underwear. Women consider romantic lingerie sexy, while men think naughty and flirty undies are the sexiest.

Opinions vary even more between people in different countries. Swedes and Germans prefer plain and simple underwear while Spanish women want their lingerie to be flirty and naughty.

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On average, over three quarters of interviewees across all countries surveyed claim to wear sexy underwear, with Spanish women in the lead, at 99%, compared to a much meeker 79% in China.

Despite a rather high 76% of all interviewees claiming to wear sexy underwear on a date, not all nationalities seem to behave the same way. The French are the most romantic when going on a date with 95% of the nation opting for sexy underwear. 79% of Americans go equally well attired.

Men in China and Britain are more likely to be disappointed to know that only 18% and 39% of women respectively wear sexy lingerie on a dinner date.

54% of Italians and 56% of French wear sexy underwear mostly to please their partners, 55% of English and 67% of Chinese interviewees like wearing fetching undies to feel more confident and good about themselves.




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