Global lingerie market value exceeds $28bn: study

The world lingerie retail market is now valued at $28.57bn (£22.67bn), according to 2016 figures from market research company Just Style.

Europe accounts for $11.67bn of the total figure, and North America for $7.93bn. Together, they have a combined share of 66.3% of the world total.

The percentage share held by Asia is 20.4%, and the combined share of South America and the rest of the world is 13.3%.

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The Global Market Review of Lingerie – Forecasts to 2022 also estimates that the world bra market is worth $16.42bn, accounting for 55.5% of the total lingerie retail sector.

Europe and North America together have a combined percentage share of 68.7%. This exceeds the percentage share of lingerie as a whole, and indicates that bras are less important to a woman’s purchase in the other continental regions.

The world briefs market, meanwhile, is valued at $9.90bn. This represents 33.5% of the total lingerie market. In unit terms, briefs sales are 5260m units per year.

These figures suggest that the value of the global lingerie retail market is on track to reach $30.65bn by 2020, as originally predicted by Just Style last year.

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