Vanilla Blush, a post surgery brand that designs lingerie and swimwear for people with a stoma, has become a member of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

The label, which owns a specialist boutique in Bridgeton, will work with the Chamber to grow the business in Glasgow and beyond.

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“Glasgow has everything to make it ideal for running an international business – great national and international transport links, perfect size for work and living, and great networks and people. And for this reason we are delighted to become a member of the prestigious Glasgow Chambers of Commerce,” said Vanilla Blush CEO Nicola Dames.

Richard Muir, deputy chief executive of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce commented: “We are delighted to welcome Vanilla Blush into membership of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

“We are continually adding to our member businesses, which increases the range and depth of the network that members can draw on.

“We look forward to engaging with Vanilla Blush throughout their membership and watching and promoting their continued growth and success.”