Full figure controversy converts into huge profit

The Lane Bryant ‘red bra’ commercial, which created massive controversy in the States after it was banned on the ABC network for being too sexy, has been awarded this year’s AME Platinum Award for advertising marketing and effectiveness.

The brand cashed in on the clip ‘Not What Mom Would Wear’ after it quickly became a YouTube sensation, generating millions of hits and inspiring a piece which landed at the top spot on Brandweek.com’s most read articles list for 2010.

Lane Bryant vice president of marketing Jay Dunn said: "Our red bra ad was never about creating controversy. It was about making the point that plus size women have every right to embrace their curves and feel beautiful and confident, and help to shatter long held societal perceptions that size can’t be sexy."

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The ad was created by Omnicom Group agency Zimmerman Advertising. View video ‘Not What Mum Had in Mind,’ which features the ad and details of Lane Bryant’s post-ban sales boom, below.




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