Freya sports bra tops rivals in scientific study

Freya Active has launched a new sports bra which is scientifically proven to reduce breast strain, pain and movement during exercise.

The brand collaborated with the University of Portsmouth on one of the most comprehensive studies ever undertaken into women’s breast movement to develop the garment.

The study revealed in detail exactly where, and by how much, the breast moves during running and provides the most accurate picture to date of where the breast needs support during exercise.

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Before now, sports bra testing has commonly focused on breast movement reduction (known as breast bounce), monitoring only one area of the breast (a marker on the nipple), on a small number of participants and usually on small breast size women.

But scientists at the University of Portsmouth tested for strain, pain and movement across 19 areas on the breast in 36 women with varying bra sizes.

The women ran on a treadmill with the breast markers tracked by a high-speed camera system measuring breast movement, velocity, acceleration and breast strain.

Participants ran first without a bra, then in a regular ‘T-shirt bra’ and finally in a range of sports bras.

The new Freya Active sports bra topped other styles at providing reductions in strain around the centre, base as well as upper pole areas of the breast.

Dr. Joanna Scurr, a specialist in breast health from the University of Portsmouth said: “Breast strain may occur during exercise when the breast is not supported correctly and there is tension on the ligaments and skin of the breast.”

“Over time this may lead to a stretching of the breasts natural support, which could lead to permanent breast damage. This important research helps us to identify products that are effective at protecting the breasts. Reducing strain across the mid and upper parts of the breast will reduce the risk of damage to the internal structures of the breast.”




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