Freya Active claims British lost sporting spirit

Over 338,000 women in the UK no longer play any sport, according to sportswear brand Freya Active.

The statistics were obtained through research by the brand, which has now announced the launch of a campaign to help get 2012 women back into sport in 2012.

Prior to 2009, sports women regularly participated in included athletics, netball, hockey, running and tennis.

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However, over the past three years the number of women playing different sports has severely diminished.

Areas of the UK where the most women have stopped playing include the East Midlands and the South East, where 64, 000 and 17,200 fewer women reportedly no longer participate in any sport.

Other areas, such as London and Newcastle, have seen 29 percent less women playing sport since 2008.

Research reveals confidence has become a big barrier to activity, and women’s self esteem about playing sport has lowered.

Other reasons for women not playing include their lack of interest to do it on their own and not knowing about the opportunity to play. Additionally, women have also suggested they struggle to afford the cost and dedicate the time typically needed to play, which is 30 minutes three times a week.

According to Freya Active, one of the only sports women have remained loyal to in the UK is netball and, with this in mind, the brand has launched a nationwide campaign to re-engage women with sport, and get 2012 women ‘Back to Netball’ in 2012.

Netball has seen a 15 percent rise over the past three years in the number of women taking part.

Back to Netball provides women with a gentle reintroduction to netball, encouraging all those who are no longer playing a sport, to get active again.

Open to women of all ages, Freya Active claims Back to Netball is ‘perfect’ for those looking to get fit without paying high gym fees. Sessions star from as little as £2.

Over the next three months, Freya Active will be supporting England Netball’s Back to Netball 2012 Roadshow, promoting the sportacross the country at a number of different regional Olympic events, as well as the Hyde Park and Victoria Park London Live events.

Ann Marie Manley, from Freya Active said: “With so much excitement building up around sport this year, it is surprising that so many women have stopped playing or taking part in sport. We’ve launched the get 2012 women Back to Netball in 2012 campaign to try and win women’s love of sport back. It’s about the only sport which women haven’t dropped and there is a reason for that!”

Joanna Adams from England Netball said: “Netball isfun and energetic and is the perfect sport to pick up quickly again. People don’t realise how fit netball keeps you, you’ve got to be incredibly quick and just one hour burns off a lot of calories!

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