Féraud Paris launches organic silk nightwear range

This July sees fashion brand Féraud Paris launch its new programme, Féraud Organic Silk, which places a strong emphasis on sustainability. The company has described the new range as the first ever complete line of environmentally friendly, luxury nightwear.

The unique nightwear range, which consists of sexy, classic and basic cuts in black and ecru-coloured silk, is made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified silk meaning that the synthetic-free garments have been produced in an environmentally sustainable way from field to factory.

The environmentally friendly process begins with the silkworms, which are fed a diet of organically grown mulberry leaves from the Sichuan Province in China to create stress-free silk. The harmonious environment in which they exist also extends to the conditions of the workers, who only collect the silk if they are free from all stress factors and at peace with themselves and the environment around them.

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The Chinese silk workers benefit from an above-average salary and well-paid overtime, with the business acting as a model for not only sustainable production, but also fair production in China.