Franck Sorbier corset causes red carpet sensation

Fashion designer Franck Sorbier has been credited with the corset design that put appearances by Shakira and Justin Beiber in the shade at last week’s NRJ Music awards in France.

R&B singer, Shy’m, little known until the awards ceremony outside her native France, has found herself trending on twitter, splashed across the pages of tabloids around the world, and feted by fashion editors for her choice of the dazzling translucent corset she wore to the ceremony.

Drawing on career advice that might have come from Lady Gaga or Liz Hurley, Shy’m used her red carpet appearance to ensure she will be top of guest lists for fashion events throughout 2012.

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Franck Sorbier’s Parisian fashion house has been considered a leader in haute couture for several years, built around his stunningly theatrical catwalk shows.




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