Fox & Rose traffic soars due to Fifty Shades

Luxury lingerie e-tailer Fox & Rose has seen traffic for its sexy ‘Fox’ section increase by 50 percent, thanks to the ‘50 Shades effect’.

Due to this surge in demand for more daring lingerie, Fox & Rose is launching erotic French brand Maison Close – offering fuchsia harnesses, ribbon corsets and silver tassel bra – on its website, this season.

Fox & Rose co-founder Amanda Lorenzani said: “E L James gas managed to catapult erotic fiction from niche to mainstream fictionwith her fastest selling novel in history (excluding Harry Potter), It’s been a liberating experience for literature lovers and we’ve certainly seen this effect translated into lingerie choices."

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Fox & Rose customers have the option to either show for more seductive collections (shop by fox) or more feminine collections (shop by rose).

Since the launch of 50 Shades, shop by fox has seen a 50 percent increase in traffic and customers’ lingerie choices have reported shown a definite shift.

Lorenzani added: “Women are keener to bring out their inner ‘fox’ and men are more than happy to oblige them with their gift buying selection.”





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