Former Triumph brand Dorina gets a major overhaul

German lingerie brand Dorina has been given an overhaul by Hop Lun, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer that bought the company from Triumph last year.

Updating buyers in a statement released today, Hop Lun said it has been reviewing the full brand portfolio over the last 12 months to ensure it offers the strongest product to existing customers.

The company said it will introduce fashion products from its Marie Meili collection as part of the new Dorina look.

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“Buyers and consumers can be confident that the best-selling ranges from Dorina and Marie Meili remain, bringing a stronger fashion presence to the 30+ market,” a Hop Lun spokesperson said.

New black and white photography and packaging in aqua blue and copper updates the brand while new styles, collections and concepts culminate to introduce a wider offering that’s set to capture the international market.

The business model will continue to offer a full replenishment collection along with regular updates, offering consumers continued access to over 300 different pieces at any given time.

Moving forward, Dorina will offer six defined categories, reflecting the new consumer demographic to which the brand will appeal: the Dorina main collection of everyday basics and fashion styles; Dorina Curves for larger sizes; Dorina Figure Chic, a collection of classic shapes that offer comfort and support; Dorina Active; Dorina Nursing; and swimwear range Dorina Aqua.



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