Former M&S lingerie head sues retailer

Janie Schaffer, who left her position as of CEO at Victoria’s Secret to become the director of lingerie and beauty for Marks & Spencer, is suing the British retailer for over £1 million.

Hired to make M&S lingerie sexy, modern and popular, Schaffer was in her position for only three months before resigning in April over “creative differences,” according to the Daily Mail. Schaffer also claims she lost money connected to shares in Victoria’s Secret due to pressure to begin her new role M&S immediately, and she is also seeking the remaining 9 months of salary for the year.

Before moving to the United States to spend five years at Victoria’s Secret, Schaffer worked at Knickerbox, which she founded in 1986 with her then-husband, Stephen Schaffer.

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In 2000, Knickerbox was acquired by Ann Summers.



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