Footballer accused of homophobia in ad

Brazilian footballer Neymar is facing accusations of homophobia after appearing in an underwear ad for clothing company Lupo.

In the commercial, Neymar happily models a selection of briefs for excited female customers at a department store. However, when a male customer requests a peek at Neymar in his underwear, the footballer flashes a nervous look and tip-toes out the back door.

Criticism from gay organizations in Brazil led to Lupo releasing an official statement regarding the ad, according to Yahoo! Sports, in which they claimed to "ensure respect for all consumers of their products, regardless of social class, nationality, religion and sexual orientation.”

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Gay publication Out Sports deemed the commercial as only mildly offensive, saying it is “done with humour” and will allow “millions of gay men around the world (to) see Neymar in his underwear.”






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