Florida shop owner gave workers lie detector tests

An employee of a Florida lingerie store is suing her manager after she was made to take a lie detector test to prove she didn’t steal more than $6000 worth of goods.

Tony Panzino, owner of Premier Couples Superstore in Orlando, hired a polygrapher to administar the test on his ten employees when the products went missing, reports WKMG-6.

According to Panzino, the only worker who failed the polygraph was Amitra Alexander.

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Now, Alexander has filed a federal law suit against the store, claiming her former boss violated a law that prohibits most private employers from using lie detector tests.

She says Panzino told her she had failed the test two days after taking the polygraph and was fired on the spot.

Panzino said the workers made to take the test were not considered suspects in the robbery, but Alexander said her boss warned all employees they would be fired if they refused to submit to the test.

The Employee Polygraph Protection Act, a US federal law, prohibits most private employers from lie testing their workers except in some cases where employees "are reasonably suspected of involvement in a workplace incident that resulted in specific economic loss or injury to the employer."

The act also requires employers to give their staff written notice that explains their rights and which questions are prohibited.




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