Fleur of England releases Tiger on the Prowl

Fleur of England is pioneering a new viral competition, titled ‘Tiger on the Prowl.’

The ‘Tiger on the Prowl’ competition will see a set of the label’s new Tiger collection won every day this week.

New photo postcards, picturing the bra in different locations throughout the world, will be released daily from Monday, September 24 to Friday, September 28 across Fleur of England’s Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

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Fans are being invited to guess the city and country location of each postcard. The first person to guess correctly, each day, will win a Tiger set.

Answers can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or emailed to info@fleurofengland.com.

The brand is hoping the campaign will go viral, as it invites fans to share the postcards with their friends to guess the locations.

The campaign is in celebration of Fleur of England’s new AW12 Tiger collection launch. It features British ‘Tiger’ striped lace and silk in burnt orange.



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