Fleur of England prize awarded to Kate Howard

Fleur of England has awarded first place for its DMU competition to Kate Howard.

The second year student was felt to show the greatest comprehension of the brand’s individual style, while also demonstrating her own personal inspiration in her designs.

For the competition, the DMU students created two knickers and a bra for one of the Fleur of England moods: Fiercely Feminine, Romantic, Powerful, Playful and Luxurious for their technical project.

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Fleur of England founder Fleur Turner personally visited the students at De Montfort to judge their creations on December 14.

She said: “I think it’s so important to encourage our young talent at university you are at your most creative it needs to be nurtured! I am very excited about this project and hope it leads to many more in the future."

Howard has won a set of Fleur of England lingerie, the opportunity to have her work showcased on the brand’s blog and work experience with the company.

Second place in the competition was awarded to Sian Whitefoot, who also gains opportunity to carry out work experience with the brand.

Third place went to Francesca Pears, with Rachel Davis and Stephanie Roberts both receiving commendations for their designs.



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