Five reasons why women avoid having a bra fitting

Panache launched the Find Your Fit campaign to break down the barriers to having a fitting.

A new study has identified the top five reasons why a large number of women living the UK have never had a bra fitting.

The study, carried out by Sopio Research on behalf of fuller-bust specialist Panache, found that of the 1,504 women surveyed, 47% had never had a bra fitting.

The majority of those questioned (41%) said embarrassment of being topless in front of a fitter was the reason why they had never fitting.

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Meanwhile, 40% said having a fitting was unnecessary, and they could to it themselves.

Other reasons for not having a bra fitting included not having time, worrying that the fitter won’t have something that fits and fear of finding out their real size.

The findings have triggered the launch of Panache’s Find Your Fit campaign, which aims to help break down these barriers.

Panache marketing director Leigh Norris explained: “We know wearing a bra that fits can have a physical and psychological impact on women and we really want to help our customers feel great.

“We want to demonstrate that the fitting process is nothing to be embarrassed or nervous about and that our fitters are approachable and here to help.  We want to encourage more women to have the ‘wow’ moment when an expert fitter introduces a woman to her ideal bra shape and size.”

The study went on to reveal that the average woman owns seven bras but only wears five of them, leaving two bras languishing in their drawers.

The majority of those questioned (68%) have wasted money buying a bra they have never worn.



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