Fit Britches launches weight-loss shorts

A new shapewear brand, Fit Britches, claims to reduce inches and tackle cellulite thanks to its heat-emitting yarn.

The entrepreneur Farnaz Khan was inspired by her attempt to lose post-pregnancy weight to come up with a solution for women without the time to devote to fitness regimes and gym visits.

Researching fabric technology and weight loss, Khan discovered that heat and compression was believed to be effective for cellulite and inch loss and found that she was able to use fabric infused with heat properties. After three years of research she launched Fit Britches.

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Under the umbrella of Khan’s newly launched textile company 8 London, Fit Britches claims that, worn for eight hours a day over 60 days with no other changes to diet or fitness regime, the average losses were 5-12cm on the waist, 4-7cm on the hips, 3-7cm on the buttocks and 4-10cm on the thigh. Ninety-two per cent of particpants reported improvements in blood microcirculation flow and of cellular metabolism, together with marked improvements in visible cellulite and skin elasticity.

The company says that the active yarn emits heat when it comes into contact with the skin, but not enough to be noticed by the wearer, improving metabolism, blood flow and stimulating the body’s lymphatic draining system to "melt away" toxins and fat.
The "skinny short" launched on December 18th at



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