First Stitch: Ulrika Vallance

Ulrika Vallance is a Swedish seamstress with a career spanning 20 years. She first worked as an apprentice in Karl Lagerfeld’s studio in Paris after studying in Marseille and went on to launch her own womenswear label in Florence. This year, she made her debut into nightwear with the launch of her brand, Ulrika Vallance.

Lingerie Insight: How long did it take to set up Ulrika Vallance?
UV: It was spring 2012 when I first thought about creating a five-piece collection (robe, slip, camisole, shorts and bag) in a beautiful, high-end fabric. I worked on the first samples in my studio in Brooklyn, but it was only after the summer that I started to build the brand. We had moved to Kent in the English countryside for a year, and I developed the collection in Europe with all that comes with it; sourcing of materials, production, and logo and label development.

LI: How would you describe your first collection?
UV: It’s a simple concept: five vintage-inspired, wardrobe staples in silk/cotton fabric. There are matching bags to create sets for gifts, honeymoons and travelling.

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LI: Who are your target customers?
UV: Women who like to mix vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces with new clothes, and who know that investing in something beautiful and timeless is more sustainable than spending money on fast fashion trends.

LI: What inspires you when designing loungewear?
UV: I set out to design something simple yet adaptable. The collection was firstly designed as sleep and loungewear, but the quality of the fabric makes it easily transferable to daywear. In the summer, I wear the Brooklyn robe as a dress.

LI: What are the next steps for your brand?
UV: My family and I divide our time between New York and Europe. I launched the brand here in the UK, but now I’m working on bringing the label to America. I am also adding knitwear to the collection. I’m really excited about the future of the brand.




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