First Stitch: Mora Mora Swimwear

A swimwear brand inspired by the laid-back seaside towns of Madagascar and the chic lifestyle of Paris has launched in the UK. 

Mora Mora, which means ‘slow down’ in Malagasy, designs bikinis and swimsuits using premium high-stretch fabrics in exotic colourways and bold prints. 

Here, founder Hasina Raonimahary tells us more.

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Lingerie Insight: How do you feel about launching in the UK?
Hasina Raonimahary: I am absolutely thrilled. So much love, hard work and research has been put into designing this collection so I am proud to be able to show it here, where the whole journey started.

LI: Where does Mora Mora sit within the UK swimwear market?
Mora Mora Swimwear has a unique position within the UK swimwear market in the sense that it offers a high-end and high-quality designer product at an attainable price. The brand also has a distinctive international profile, with ties in Europe, Africa and Asia.

LI: Who are your target customers?
Women who are looking for beautiful pieces and are interested in a brand with a sustainable ethos. They are demanding in terms of fit and comfort, yet never lose their sense of fun, glamour and femininity.

LI: Where do you manufacture?
Our bikinis retail between £80 and £90 for a set and all pieces are sold as separates so customers can mix and match.

LI: What are your next steps for the brand?
I would like Mora Mora to develop into a beachwear brand and I am already working on an accessory line that will complement the swimsuits. I am also getting a lot of enquiries about developing a men’s range.



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