First Stitch: Meng Zhang

Meng Zhang launched her self-titled beachwear and loungewear brand last year and will debut her first collection at Salon International de la Lingerie this month. She has worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years, working for the likes of Lane Crawford and Chanel.

Lingerie Insight: How did the brand first come about?
Meng Zhang: I love art, but my career has always been focused on the business side of fashion, so I wanted to satisfy my creative passion while still using my previous experience. When we came up with the idea of lounge and beachwear it made a lot of sense because when you are in the home and on the beach, you can be more expressive.

LI: Please describe your first collection of garments.
MZ: The first collection is made up of full-length kimonos and lounge dresses and a beachwear range of kaftans and cover-ups, all made from 100% silk. We have six different print stories: Cherry Blossom, Lily, Red Flower, Zodiac, Coral and Soft Flower.

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LI: Who is your target customer?
MZ: Our first collection is aimed at the luxury market. It is for women who like to feel glamorous and have an appreciation of art and culture. She is an international traveller too, and she shops in the best department stores as well as boutiques with a reputation for uniqueness.

LI: Where are you stocked?
: We are having meetings with Fenwick Bond Street, Harvey Nichols and Brown Thomas. We are also looking forward to meeting a number of other international stores at Salon International de la Lingerie.

LI: What are the next steps for the brand?
MZ: Our priority is promoting the first collection and launching it in stores. However, we’re also really busy developing other product lines including men’s pyjamas, women’s ready-to-wear, bed linen and accessories. We want the brand to be an entire luxury lifestyle concept. For our next collection of loungewear, we want to introduce new fabrics, new shapes and techniques.




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