First Stitch: Edge o Beyond

Edge o’ Beyond is a new London-based, luxury brand that merges fine lingerie with delicate, gold-plated jewellery. Directed by Naomi De Haan, all garments are designed and hand-made in the UK.

Lingerie Insight: Why did you decide to launch a lingerie brand?
ND: I have always loved lace lingerie and delicate jewellery. I was working in the music industry, and then did a bit of photography work, but I always knew I wanted my own lingerie brand. I started sketching many different ideas and realised that nobody stocked the style that I wanted. Fortunately, I met a lady who taught me how to make jewellery, and I started experimenting with different styles and ideas.

LI: How would you describe your first collection?
ND: I think you can see a Parisian influence in my debut collection. The lingerie features beautiful, traditional French Leaver’s lace, and detachable, delicate jewellery pieces.

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LI: Who are your target customers?
ND: Edge o’ Beyond lingerie and jewellery has been designed for women who want to feel beautiful and strong. It caters to many different body types, with its large range
of sizes. The collection is a personal statement that reflects the attributes of both grace and boldness.

LI: What inspires you when designing lingerie?
ND: My family inspire me a lot; each range is named after a family member, and Edge o’ Beyond was the name of the home I grew up in so it really means a lot to me. I have an old OM10 Olympus from my school photography days that I take everywhere with me. I snap away at hundreds of things, people, places that inspire me and have put some of these up around my office.