First Stitch: Clover Lewis Swimwear

Designer Clover Lewis launched her post-surgery swimwear brand Clover Lewis Swimwear in response to a fruitless search for luxury swimwear after her own breast cancer surgery in 2010. The brand was introduced to buyers at Moda last month.

Lingerie Insight: When and where was your brand established?
Clover Lewis: I launched the brand at a niche startup show at Selfridges in May 2014. I was thrilled by the response from both the media and the public, which spurred me on to develop the company over the last year to the point where I can now launch it as a wholesale business.

LI: How would you describe your first collection?
CL: Distinct lines within the range have been created to target women’s individual tastes that prevail long after a cancer diagnosis and breast surgery. Each piece in the ‘Olympians Rule’ collection is created to balance style with comfort. Made with premium Italian swimwear fabrics, the collection is both beautiful and functional.

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LI: What are your most popular styles?
CL: Both the swimsuit and bikini from the Dive story, with their lavish ruching and glamorous high-neck ties’ have gained favourable responses from trade buyers and end-customers alike. Also popular is the La Victoire strapped bikini due to its pop colours and cleverly-designed silhouette, which is both concealing and refined.

LI: Where do you manufacture your products?
CL: We manufacture our garments in Portugal to maintain high standards
of quality.

LI: What is your price range?
CL: Our prices range from £70 to £160.



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