Activewear brand Zakti has joined forces with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! to support its #BraHijack campaign.

Zakti is the first fitness brand to pledge its support for the initiative, which was launched in 2013 to encourage retailers to add breast-checking reminders to their bras.

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The label will join Figleaves, Gossard and Rigby & Peller in adding #BraHijack labels to its AW16 bras from September this year.

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Zakti will also donate 10% of sales from its Under Control Pink Bra, which will retail at its four stores and online for £18.

Jennie Bianco, head of brand at Zakti said: “I am delighted that Zakti is joining CoppaFeel!’s crusade to educate and inform women about breast health. We wanted to partner with CoppaFeel! as their ethos puts women first, ensuring that they have the knowledge and awareness to include breast checks into their routine. We hope to use the resources at our disposal to spread the word and ensure these healthy reminders become the norm in years to come.”

Kris Hallenga, CoppaFeel! founder commented: “Teaming up with Zakti allows CoppaFeel! to reach and empower more women in the fitness world to be aware of breast health. Our values are simply that regular breast checks can alert you to changes and potentially save your life. These timely messages in the labels of the bras and sports bras that we wear every day are instrumental in inspiring women to adopt new habits and be proactive with their health.”