Firm's 1,633 prototypes to make perfect smart bra

The company behind a ‘smart bra’ that tracks heart rate, distance and calories burned without the wires and bands normally associated with such garments is gearing up for a spring 2016 roll-out of its product.

OMsignal, creator of the ‘OMbra’, has been capturing the attention of the wearble tech community following details of the product launch and its previous involvement with a hi-tech Ralph Lauren t-shirt two years ago.

According to OMsignal, the bra is a product of science and engineering as much as design and creation. In the space of a year, it has developed no fewer than 1,633 prototypes and used software development methodologies and approaches throughout the design process of the bra to test and optimise every parameter methodically.

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The design it will launch will encourage better posture, while women can alter the level of support in response to the intensity of their exercise and their current body shape.

The company has hired experienced sports bra designers and smart textile engineers to achieve the desired results and carried out extensive research to address the main issues that sports bra buyers face.

It discovered that more than 70% of women do not pick the right size bra, straps are the most common complaint about sports bras, and the way a woman runs will change depending on how the breasts are supported.

A key part of the research was focused on biomechanics and support, which the firm has used to develop the main features of the OMbra.

The US-based firm has not yet indicated its plans or potential route-to-market strategy for the UK market.



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