Figleaves celebrates body diversity in new campaign

Online lingerie and swimwear retailer Figleaves has unveiled a new campaign that celebrates women’s varied shapes and sizes.

The campaign, #AShapeForEveryShape, has been launched to promote the retailer’s AW17 collections, handpicked to fit and flatter all body types, and encourage women to embrace their shape.

As part of the campaign, Figleaves has interviewed three models of different sizes on what makes them feel body confident and their opinions on the changing attitudes to size in the fashion industry.

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Model Soleil Huscher said: “I’ve definitely seen a change in terms of different body shapes, skin colours, ages and interesting looks. I love that you see more diversity in ads and campaigns.

“But I do believe there’s still a way to go, especially in the high fashion world where there’s still a lot of pressure on girls to be very skinny.”

Another Figleaves model, Christine Sofie, said she is “over” talking about shapes and sizes in the fashion world.

“Why can’t a model just be a model regardless of shape or size?,” she said. “People tend to have this need to categorise everything. We are all different.”



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