Fetish retailer resists twisted image of 50 Shades

50 Shades of Grey, which opens in cinemas this week, has misrepresented fetish fashion and bondage, and given a harsher edge than most of its participants experience, says the managing director of Honour.co.uk, a web site specialising in erotic lingerie, costumes and accessories.

Amanda Taylor says that the true soft bondage ideology is about the gentle art of persuasion.

“Our Gentle Art faces an image predicament with the arrival of the film. We’re liberated and empowered by the sensation of metering out our careful, mutually beneficial, bondage role play and the film jeopardises that,” she explains.

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The film covers bondage broadly, with a broad acceptance of the pastime, but it suggests within its plot lines that these practices are symptomatic of psychological disturbance which Amanda describes as “wholly unrealistic and untrue”.

She points to a study published in The Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality, which found ‘no evidence that clinical disorders were more prevalent among (the bondage community) than among members of the general population.

Taylor continued: “Considering this misrepresentation, we must work to rebrand our gentle art to encourage the exploration of personal sexuality at our own pace, the gentle art is soft and welcoming – the opposite to the megalomaniacal Christian Grey’s character, whose direct and immediate approach to recruiting his lovers goes against everything our community stands for.”

The trilogy of 50 Shades books has influenced mainstream lingerie design since their launch, with even



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