Female marathoners report sports bra problems

Three-quarters of women running in the 2012 London Marathon reported bra fit issues, according to a survey released this week.

In an online study, published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, 75% of 1285 female runners said they had problems with their sports bra, with the most common issues being chaffing and shoulder straps digging in.

In the same survey, one-third of respondents had breast pain, and of those women, 17% curtailed their training as a result, reports Runner’s World.

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Use of professional bra fitting was low, and perceived knowledge of breast health was poor, according to study authors who suggested that “educational initiatives” are needed to ensure female runners are informed regarding the importance of breast support and appropriate bra fit during activity.

The study is the first piece of published literature to assess breast support usage in a cohort of female marathon runners.




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