Feefo launches new customer feedback service

Global feedback engine Feefo has launched a new service to enable high street retailers to get feedback from their customers.

Feefo Places is a new facility that will allow every shop owner on the high street to invite anyone who completes a transaction with them to rate their services on a single platform.

Feefo CEO Andrew Mabbutt said: “Knowing what your customers think of their shopping experience is invaluable, but bricks-and-mortar retailers are missing out on this by not asking for feedback from in-store purchases and also not engaging with customers post sale.”

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“Independent reviews can also have a huge impact on potential customers: Feefo Places gives customers the certainty they need in a retailer’s commitment to customer service and the chance to view a proven track record from genuine sales.”

The in-store service can operate by printing unique codes onto receipts at the point of sale, which is then entered by consumers onto a branded landing page in order to leave feedback; sending sales data and accompanying email addresses to Feefo to then send a feedback request on behalf of the merchant; or by sending an electronic receipt to the customer, which includes an invitation to leave feedback.

Once submitted, reviews left in-store, online or mobile are instantly visible online, both on Feefo and the merchant website. The data is then fed to Google, and used to generated Star ratings in AdWords campaigns.




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