FEATURE: Top bloggers’ AW15 lingerie reviews

Over the last five years or so, lingerie bloggers have secured their place within the industry, becoming a mouthpiece for end-consumers to let brands know what they want, and getting beneath the marketing hype of certain products to enable customers to discover what really works for them.

As these bloggers gained an audience, brands began to partner with them for advertising campaigns, events and other marketing efforts, creating an opportunity for businesses to reach a large, fashion-focused audience.

To celebrate their positive influence on the lingerie sector, we’ve asked five leading bloggers to pick out the key trends, brands and styles that stopped them in their tracks this season.

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Cora Harrington, founder of the Lingerie Addict

“The key colour trend for AW15 is Blue/Black, which we actually saw (albeit in somewhat smaller amounts) during the AW14 tradeshows as well. Deep, dark navy is a timeless colour for the winter season, and in a risk-averse industry climate, is a safe bet for both brands and boutiques. In addition, we’re seeing a lot of labels debut neutral ranges; that is, producing many of their classic cuts in shades of beige and black. Again, brands are hedging their bets and returning to what’s worked historically. We’ll just have to see if today’s consumer is excited about shades of beige as they’ve been in the past.

In regards to more fashion-oriented trends, strappy, bondage styles are still popular, though I predict they’re on their way out. There’s perhaps another season, maybe two, of strappy looks before literally everyone tires of that aesthetic and moves on. In its stead, we’re beginning to see a lot of appliques and tattoo-effect embroideries.

I also predict that patchwork or mixed-media designs may make a stronger appearance in future seasons; it’ll be fun to see if that prediction comes true. With regards to prints, we’re also seeing a lot of abstract, almost painterly or watercolour-style prints, especially for loungewear.

Key standouts to me for this market season were Angela Friedman and Mimi Holliday for the blue/black trend, Claudette and Panache for the neutral trend, Erica M and Else for the applique trend, and Underprotection and Naked Princess for the abstract print trend. Other market highlights for me included Simone Pérèle with their return to rich embroidery and textured fabrics and Lou Lingerie with their brilliantly stylish use of lace and prints.”

Mette Sofia Hänninen, founder of Two Cakes on a Plate

“While I am thoroughly a spring kinda girl, the autumn season always speaks to me on another level – I love the mystery, the seduction and vampy colours brands bring out when the gloom hits us.

This season brought us some nice variety when it comes to colours; we finally got to see the jade and emerald lingerie take their place especially in the full-bust market, which can appear a bit safe at times. The greens were also offered in a variety of different characters: there were the jewel tones of Panache and the playful brights of Tutti Rouge, not to mention some splash of everyday fun from Curvy Kate.

When I spoke on the lingerie panel at Moda, one of our main topics was the rise of erotic lingerie and whether brands should hop on the bandwagon on this huge trend. At Moda we already saw some nods to this direction and for someone with no interest in classic erotic-wear, I was pretty smitten with some sophisticated options offered for full-bust ladies as well. In fact, one of the best collections at Moda in my opinion was the Curvy Kate’s Scantilly range, which is a fun and flirtatious full-bust collection, with a naughty little twist to it.”

Becky Magson, founder of Becky’s Boudoir

“Floral designs continually interest me as it’s a style that can never be pigeonholed. From country bouquets, funky retro flowerheads to delicate motifs, floral prints have the ability to adopt any attitude. And it appears, fashion never falls out of love with florals.

Digital floral prints were found in their abundance at pre-season shows earlier this year. For the forthcoming AW 15/16 season, the fresh florals of spring’s botany theme delves into the darkening undergrowth where kaleidoscopic florals play with geometric patterns, contrasting melancholic shades of dusty pinks and lilacs with hedgerow berries and fallen plums.

AW 14/15 saw brands such as Freya and Gossard dip into the digital florals trend, but for the autumn season ahead the print comes into its own with a new level of vibrancy and intoxicating colour. Brush strokes and smudges allow colours to run, blurring the lines between reality and created beauty.

Driving the trend is a naturalist sentiment identifying with the current environmentally aware attitude. Romanticising the notion behind it, strong palettes of mellow fruitfulness embrace with earthy tones channelling a story of passion entwined with unrest.

Charnos, Lepel and Panache are just some of the brands whose collections will be inviting us to encounter the wonderland of prismatic design, accented with shades to entice, intrigue and fall unto; and it’s these digital butterflies of beauty that are most exciting me about next season.”
Tamar Kendall, founder of Lingerie Stylist

“While much of fashion is turning its attention to masculine design cues, I’m delighted to see how the lingerie world is relentlessly feminine this coming Autumn/Winter. Of course, lingerie looking feminine is no ground shaking news in our industry, but it’s great to see some of the sport-inspired cuts and hard-edged vampy details styles of seasons past being eased out and replaced by hopelessly romantic offerings.

During The Lingerie Edit in January I saw the pick of the crop from lingerie designers including Marios Schwab and Felice Art Couture, which adorned their vintage and female-form-inspired cuts with shimmering crystals, while Loveday London and Karolina Laskowska used every lace imaginable – from guipure to eyelash. I was particularly impressed though by Bluebella, which had triumphantly balanced feminine undertones with fashion-forward accents and styles to create an inspiring but still wearable collection.

In loungewear, simple cuts are all being overhauled in opulent silks – whether plain or printed – that will be providing female customers with timeless pieces to last a lifetime. Betty Blue’s Loungerie for instance remains the go-to for pin-up style with silk floor length gowns, while Asceno (by Beautiful Bottoms) and Yolke add a youthful take to silk pj’s in fun prints.

This AW15 is looking effortlessly luxe and deliciously feminine, and I like it. No boys allowed!”

Cheryl Warner, founder of Invest in Your Chest

“As I’m on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment, I have a natural bias towards sportswear. This definitely includes sports bras, and Panache’s addition of coral and digital prints to their already brilliant sports bra range was my Moda highlight for sure.

Curvy Kate’s ‘naughtier fried’, Scantilly, also has to be mentioned – it’s definitely filling an under-serviced niche in the current full bust market. I personally can’t wait to up the ante in my lingerie drawer with a pair of back panel-free pants and bras with straps that don’t need to be there. Finally us fuller bust girls can get the luxury boudoir look without resorting to ‘sister size’ AP.

Lepel and Charnos had a new lease of life this season, with a drastic rebrand of Lepel which really turned some heads. According to brand manager Steve Hazlehurst, old favourites have really been improved following customer feedback – with fit and design improvements which looked really impressive on the stand. This season really feels like an evolution for the LF Intimates brands.

Finally, ones to watch for me are Evollove and Tutti Rouge – their designs are really fun and different. It’s always nice to see challengers in the full bust segment and their collections in particular stood out as trying to stand out from the crowd.”




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