FASHION & CONTOUR PART 2: DMU’s Danielle Casey

Third Year Fashion & Contour student Danielle Casey talks to Lingerie Insight, in the second of a series of blogs, about the challenges and rewards of creating her final year collection.

It has taken many weeks to toile the garments, the process of pattern cutting and making mock ups of the garments to ensure the drape, fit and design lines are as desired. This has been one of the most challenging aspects of creating the collection and my technical skills have been pushed to the limit. I have learnt to become very good at problem solving, staying optimistic and bouncing ideas off my peers and family.

My poor mother, has put up with thread constantly decorating the house, my step-dad found a pin in his slipper and my boyfriend spends his weekends arranging laser cut flowers. Even my boyfriend’s mum has been threading up a needle in the lead up to our catalogue shoot.

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After weeks of late nights in the studio and an Easter of hand sewing flowers onto the floor length dress I had fearfully dip dyed a few weeks ago, I was so excited for today’s catalogue photo shoot. We have been fundraising for this day since October, with cake sales and sponsored fancy dress days – my friends and I were Crayola crayons, causing much distraction and fun in the studio!

Thankful for the time Gillian Proctor, our course leader, has spent arranging and securing some of the best models and photographer in the industry, we were all excited yet anxious…would the garments fit? Which model would go best with our outfits, blonde or brunette? What if my dress is too long for both models?

Desperately wanting the photographs to look perfect, I helped the lovely brunette model slip into my dress…and sighed with relief; it looked stunning. I carried the long train in my arms as she walked onto the back drop. After nervously arranging the hem around her, I stepped back and felt the same enchantment wash over me as it had at Chelsea when I first saw the beautiful blushed flowers. I absorbed the intense red train spreading up into the dress, vanishing to a white silk canvas showered with red laser cut flowers and I realised all my hard work is beginning to pay off.

Only four more outfits to go…



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