Fans shower Damian Lewis with lingerie

Throwing knickers at a hearthrob has been a cherished tradition since the days of Tom Jones, but Homeland actor Damian Lewis, who has just been named as one of People magazine’s 2012 Sexiest Men alive, has been the recipient of a whole box of new lingerie courtesy of his most fervent fans.

Appearing on the US chat show Ellen, he explained that a group of fans from around the world, known as the "Damian Bunnies", had delivered to him a Victoria’s secret box containing 40 pairs of knickers, each labelled with the name of the sender.

"There was a label on each one of them and they were from all over the world and they had been co-ordinated by the bunnies and sent from Australia and Milwaukee and the north of England," he told Ellen DeGeneres. "And the granny panties looked like granny panties and the 19-year-old blondes sent me some sort of feather boa thong thing that just looks like floss… It was amazing."

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The choice of Victoria’s Secret – known for its sense of empowered naughtiness and fun – is significant: functional budget knickers would be inappropriate for the old Etonian, and anything too erotic might simply be seen as too creepy for this tongue-in-cheek stunt.



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