Fake Mitt Romney pic used to promote Mormon undies

New website Mormon’s Secret is promoting public replicas of sacred Mormon temple garments by using alternating pictures of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, photo-shopped onto underwear-clad bodies.

Next to the fake picture of Romney, the company has inserted a speech bubble stating: “I’m just glad they didn’t release the secret video of me dancing in my magic Mormon underwear!!!”

The website homepage also features the text: “Sign up for god’s favorite newsletter so you can hear about our celestial sales on magic undies, and be the first to see Mitt’s secret underwear dance. *Note: He doesn’t deny that he is the man in the video.”

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Mormon’s Secret claims to be the ‘first and only’ site in the world selling real Mormon underwear (temple garments) to all adults, regardless of their religious affiliation.

According to the site, online shoppers have never before been able to purchase these ‘magical temple’ garments without first joining the Mormon church and giving up 1o percent of their income in tithes.

Furthermore, the company claims its goal is to make ‘magical’ underwear available to the masses for use as costume wear, fetish wear and all its customers’ kinky, dress-up needs.

The site’s founder, who goes by the alias ‘Ann Jackson,’ claims to be a former Mormon who ‘for various reasons’ is familiar with the fabric buying operations and garment construction of LDS Temple Clothing.

According to Jackson, each member would be provided with a set of special underwear on entering the Church.

The Mormon garments, which are made from a specific cotton polyester blend, feature special stitching and are embroidered with Masonic symbols.

On the website, the reasons listed for buying the special Mormon undies are:



-You believe in freedom of underwear

-You have a fetish with Mormonism

-You used to be a Mormon, still love the underwear, and you’re no longer in contact with your supplier

-You’re a costume designer for a Mormon mockumentary

-Your wife has a thing for Mormon boys, and you’re trying to satisfy her needs

-You want to dress like/feel/be Ann or Mitt Romney

-You want the funniest political Halloween costume of 2012






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