Curvy Kate’s latest body-positive lingerie campaign has been rejected by Facebook.

The new ad aims to challenge social norms by enlisting eight role models, including a transgender woman, an amputee, a woman with alopecia, a plus-size blogger and a recovering anorexic, to model lingerie for Curvy Kate’s boudoir line, Scantilly.

But the campaign has been banned by Facebook for breaching its advertising policies.

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The social media site said in a post after removing three campaign images: “We don’t allow ads that promote sexual acts, sexual videos and publications, strip clubs or adult shows.

“Ads like these are sensitive in nature and typically evoke a negative reaction from viewers.”

Curvy Kate has hit back at the decision in a blog post, saying: “There is still such a lack of diversity in the media and we wanted to share this image to challenge social ‘norms’. #TheNewSexy calls for women of all shapes, backgrounds, looks and sizes to be represented in the media and looks to redefine how society views the word ‘sexy’.

“Yes, we agree, these images are sexy but we’re damn proud of that. They show that sexy isn’t just one thing, it differs from person to person, is inside and out and is totally in the eye of the beholder. Why should anyone else tell us what sexy is? If you feel it – rock it.”

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