EXCLUSIVE:La Perla in talks with JPG over swimwear

La Perla has announced that it will be working with luxury designer Jean Paul Gaultier on a second range, which could include swimwear.

The new collection will feature two groups of underwear, with the two swimwear groups currently under discussion.

The two brands first collaborated on a Spring Summer line of lingerie, which has reportedly performed well since its recent introduction into stores this year.

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Dominic James, managing director of La Perla UK distributor Hornvale, told Lingerie Insight: “This year, we will trying a new thing with Jean Paul Gaultier. The first collection has been very positive. It has received a large amount of press. It is doing very well in stores with what has been going in so far. We know already it will be a big sell through.”

James said he personally became a big fan of iconic luxury designer Jean Paul Gaultier after a recent visit to Paris, where he viewed the designer’s catwalk show.

“There were some really beautiful, elegant pieces,” he said, adding that he was delighted to be working with the designer a second time round.



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